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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call 972-291-9165 and choose option 1 for refill line.

Or to leave message for:

Dr. Spicer ext 202 

Dr. Vu ext 210

Dr. Dagley ext 203

Dr. Potter ext 208

Call 972-291-9165 and press option 2. If the line is busy please leave a voicemail and someone will return your call. Calls are returned throughout the day. Messages left after 4 pm will be returned the following business day. You can also text our office at 214-662-4592 to make an appointment.

716 N. Hwy 67 #2, Cedar Hill, TX, 75104

Our fax number is 469-575-9975.

To pay for an upcoming procedure, call the office at 972-291-9165, option 2. If this is regarding a bill that was received in the mail, please call our billing office at 972-850-755

Call the office at 972-291-9165, option 1 or you may text to 214-662-4592.

Medical records are $25. Fax Request 469-575-9975 or by texting 214-662-4592. You will need to call the office to make a payment at 972-291-9165, option 2.

It is only ok to call when there is an URGENT medical question. Do not call the doctors for medication refills or appointments.

This depends on whether or not you have anesthesia. Discuss options with your physician.

Risks are very rare but can occur. With any medical procedure, there is always a risk of bleeding and infection. There can also be a risk of nerve injury or even paralysis with some injections. If you have diabetes, your blood sugar may increase following an injection. This is usually temporary. You may have more pain temporarily following a procedure before the pain improves.

General anesthesia causes a person to ‘fall asleep’ while the medical procedure takes place while local anesthesia (staying awake) is applied to a specific region in the body where the procedure will be performed.

We prefer a referral. Your insurance company will determine if a referral is required. All information must be available before you can be scheduled.

We take most major insurance carriers, including some work comp plans (Dept. of Labor). We do not take any form of Medicaid.  If you would like to see if your insurance is accepted, please consult our website or call the office at 972-291-9165 and choose option 4.

For Dr. Spicer ext 202 

For Dr. Vu ext 210

For Dr. Dagley ext 203

For Dr. Potter ext 208

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment.

Please bring current drivers license, insurance card, and recent imaging (MRI, X-ray). In addition, please bring the paperwork which was emailed to you fully completed. You can also get this paperwork by clicking here.

Improvement with steroid injections often take 3-5 days and sometimes a week before they are felt. It is typical to have some soreness following an injection. This can be improved by icing the injection site for 15-20 minutes following the shot. Steroid injections may increase blood sugar in patients with diabetes temporarily.

Click the following: http://pbomd.com/

This is how you login: 

  1. Click “Customer Login” at top of the webpage
  2. Type in your last name in the username field
  3. Use the 4 digit password provided by the staff
  4. Use office code “bd”
  5. Click “pbo pp” Patient Portal to log in
  6. Contact office to upload specific records or dates of service